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beardedsaint said: TMI Tuesday: Back to School!! 1) What was your favorite class/subject? 2) Did you participate in any extra-curricular activities? 3) Did you have a lot of school spirit? 4) What was your favorite book you read in school? 5) If you could, or could have, major in a subject you aren't, or didn't, what would it be and why? Extra Credit: Post a photo from one of your first days of school or just a school related activity!

1: It could have been either Math or Psicology

2: Not really, I had a lot going on by myself besides school.

3: Yes I did, a lot.

4: Brave new world, by Aldous Huxley.

5: I was always interested in studying psicology. I am really into it and I really like helping people out. 


Steve Albini, Electrical Audio, Studio A.

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The one and only, Lee Ritenour

This kind of things make me very happy. 


Fretboard Journal Live - Bill Frisell and John Pizzarelli

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Aparently, this is how music is supposed to be played. Damn, he is good!